Our Sisterhood


Sisterhood exists when women choose to see each other with an open mind and and an open heart.  As sisters, we build each other up instead of breaking each other down.  As sisters we may not know everything about each other but we recognize that we share a bond.  As sisters, we choose respect, grace, integrity, and compassion.  As sisters, we listen to each other to better understand each others experiences, thoughts, and feelings rather than trying to diminish them and speak over each other.  As sisters, we learn from each other.  As sisters, we see the inherent goddess in each other and we celebrate one another.


Esther Kovacs
Founding Director

The idea for The My Body, My Choice Project was an intersection of Esther's love for expressing herself through art and passion for women's rights and access to healthcare.  She has a background working in human rights and holistic health.  She saw a collective need to for women to raise their voices together and make the vision of sisterhood and thriving together more of a reality.  

Diamond Weems / Red Bella
Director / Rapper / Choreographer


Joslyn-Marie Alvarado
Director / Singer

Diamond Weems, known as Red Bella, is a Hip Hop artist and Creative Director, from Chicago, Illinois. She honed her skills at an early age writing songs, being in dance classes, and then performing all through school.  She has always been musically inclined being one of many people in her family who pursued/pursues music. Not only does Bella write music but she has always had a passion for dance, which she has demonstrated for years. She cites her main influences as the artists she grew up listening to: Jay-Z, Janet Jackson, Salt N Pepa, Mya, DaBrat, and Eve, to name a few. 

In 2013 she was on Coast to Coast Top 50 Indie List. In 2015 she was on the "Party In Peace" tour where she performed at the Auburn Festival. 

Red Bella has continued to grow as a music artist and has released numerous creative projects including: RedBellious, Radiant Imperfections, Red Riding Hood, and most recent, Est.92. She is now the creative director of her photography/music video company Ocean Wind Visuals. It was created by her and her Co-Founder Hope to help bring visuals to life. She is "unique and dope" and easily an "exciting artist to watch on the rise." Stay in tune with her at www.redbellamusic.com

Joslyn-Marie is a Chicago based-singer, songwriter and performer. Joslyn-Marie born and raised from Chicago comes as a soulful voice that seems to have experienced multiple lifetimes’ worth. Joslyn-Marie has a way of channeling everyday events — big and small — into every song she sings, whether it’s an original or a cover. It’s the kind of voice you don’t want to bog down with too many instruments. Just give her a simple piano accompaniment and watch her go. She has recently performed in popular venues in the Chicagoland area such as, The Metro, The Mid, Reggie’s Rock Club, and Sub-T. 

Joslyn-Marie is currently in the midst of making a new solo record and performing throughout the United States wherever an opportunity arises. She plans to continue writing, producing new music and seeking collaborations with those who share her musical vision.