Strength. Solidarity. Sisterhood.


"The My Body, My Choice Project" is a statement.  It is our story.
The soul can never be crushed.  It can never be broken.  And no matter what we endure, we will not just survive...
We will THRIVE.


Every woman has the fundamental human right to live safe and secure in her body and to make her own decisions regarding her body.  Every woman has the right to equal access to health care, education, job security and mobility, and government.
 Every woman deserves to feel at home in her body.


The My Body, My Choice Project is a nonprofit based in Chicago, Illinois. 
Its mission is to empower women by spreading a message of strength, solidarity, and sisterhood
and providing funding for Planned Parenthood and local women’s health organizations
through the sale of apparel featuring striking, empowering artwork. 

Spread the message by sharing this site and our Music Statement Video now up on our Facebook page
Shop our online store!  Profits go to Planned Parenthood of Illinois and The Chicago Women's Health Center.

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Show your colors.