Can We Ever Go Home Again?

Can We Ever Go Home Again.png

Title: Can We Ever Go Home Again? Artist: Little Wing/Bridgit Gallagher Medium: analogue collage

The American Dream” began as a promise: despite class status, every citizen has the opportunity for “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” through the merit of hard work. In turn, the American Dream promoted consumerism and ownership: the more you own, the more successful you are. But as we draw back the curtain in the City of Oz, what’s revealed is a global nightmare: American consumption has come at a cost, not only to citizens around the world, but to the planet.  As we live on the verge of extinction, we find ourselves asking: can we ever go home again?

Bridgit Gallagher

Little Wing Folk Art is the ever-growing artistic journey of Bridgit Gallagher, a Chicago-native and self-taught artist.  Her art can be described as surrealist mixed-media folk art, influenced by nature, space, Buddhism, and political resistance. Little Wing Folk Art was born out of resistance: arejection of a white supremacist, hetero-patriarchal, capitalist society and a simultaneous need to re-imagine and create a better future that is inclusive and centers our most marginalized communities and the earth.


I thrive by practicing radical self-care with myself and my community.

I find sisterhood by unlearning oppressive conditioned behaviors and celebrating and uplifting my sisterz.

“My body, my choice” means reproductive justice for all: women and femmes; the transgender community, intersex folks, and nonbinary folks; women of color, indigenous women; fat women, women with disabilities, and families.  Reproductive justice means not only access to medical care and treatments such as birth control, abortions, and prenatal care, but also creating a healthcare system that is holistic and inclusive and centers choice and bodily autonomy for everyone. Furthermore, reproductive justice must include dismantling systems that tear families apart and deny people access to healthcare such as ICE, detainment camps, and prisons where abuses such as sterilization and limited access to healthcare are all too common occurrences.